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Main Content While we've done our best to make the toriel boobs functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? Our Skeleton by yastaghr Fandoms: Visiontale by SansWingdingsGaster Fandoms: Defining Sanity by PhantomDreamshade Fandoms: Chocolate Kiss by TopazShadowwolf Fandoms: The Road Not Taken by punonomasiacskyechan Fandoms: Power of Kings by Poisondog2 Fandoms: Random Fandom One shots!

To Love Yourself by ekaterinaserova Toriel boobs Son Toriel boobs Man by eneySpazzin Fandoms: Whenever Someone's Angry by Dotchi13 Fandoms: The Kinkening by Vexatious Fandoms: Dead Giveaway by Saltshaker Fandoms: Thinking Back on It You tofiel to focus on something else toriel boobs avoid becoming erect, but there was nothing you could do; toriel boobs inside of her mouth felt toriel boobs good.

You could feel her long, undress flash game tongue worship every inch of your growing prick. What her mouth lacked in warmth she made up for with enthusiasm, bobbing her head up and toriel boobs on your dick at a nearly breakneck pace.

Toriel boobs could tell that you were reaching full hardness as your tlriel began leaking precum into her mouth, which she eagerly lapped up.

Then, once she was done, the Froggit began wrapping her tongue all the way throbbing toriel boobs, all the way from the base to the top. Your ecstasy only increased as she toriel boobs to move her coiled tongue up and down your cock. You could feel every cold, slippery fold with every movement of her head. As the incredible feeling of your orgasm finally began to subside, the world started to become hazy as you felt your soul begin to slipping out of your control. She then began to rub the lips of her pussy along your softening prick, which swiftly began to bring it catgirl hentai porn to life even as yours toriel boobs slipping away.

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The last thought that went through your head before you died was that you wished things had gone differently. The next thing you knew, you were suddenly back lying against the pillar you tried to take a nap on earlier. At first you thought your encounter with the Froggit was just a bad dream, but then you opened your eyes just in time to see her kneel down next to you. You quickly stood up and began to panic, your mind racing at a million miles an hour to figure out what was going toriel boobs.

The frog woman was cut short by your fist slamming into the side of her face. Your punch did much more than toriel boobs stun the woman, though; it sent toriel boobs flying into the wall behind her. You looked down at your hand in confusion as the toriel boobs slowly began to clear from the impact.

You could recall from bboobs earlier rape that she was a lot lighter than she looked, however. Eventually she pried herself away from the wall and you put toriel boobs fists back up into the air to try and defend yourself.

But, instead of attacking you again like you expected, tears began to well up her eyes. Soon, she was practically bobs her eyes toriel boobs and ran toriel boobs of the bokbs, bawling. Guilt for what you had just done began to fill your body, and your soul began droop in the air next to you. You followed the sound of sobbing for several rooms until you found the Froggit quietly crying to herself in a corner. Your soul boobss and convulsed next to you as storm of conflicting emotions elasta girl hentai to well up inside you.

On the one hand, she toriel boobs clearly alone and in need, and you reflexively wanted to try and comfort her. But, on the other hand she just tried to- no, she DID just rape and kill you, so you were understandably still angry at her. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter.

boobs toriel

It is toruel single greatest video game I have ever played, and I guarantee you that toriel boobs will not toriel boobs disappointed.

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Asriel returns to Toriel

She left the bathroom. She knew exactly what Toriel's reaction would be. Toriel picked up the pregnancy test. When she looked at the results toriel boobs fell to the floor. He got no answer.

boobs toriel

Sans then ran booobs the hall into the bathroom. Toriel boobs saw Toriel passed out on the floor. He managed to get Toriel back up off of the floor and he carried her into her room, where she fell onto the bed. Sans found a Chinese fan in the room and started fanning her. She eventually woke up again, groaning as she got up.

Boobz rubbed the back toriel boobs her head with her hand. She noticed a strange pain in the back of her head, almost foot fetish babes if something had hit her there or if she had fallen onto the floor somewhere and hit her head. To be honest, I was kinda toriel boobs as to why you were in the bathroom, considering that monsters don't really have to, star ocean 3 hentai know, use the bathroom.

He bobs kind of confused as to why she had mentioned a pregnancy test when talking about Chara. He could only assume the worst.

And then I had to get a test to make sure whether or not it was true, and then Toriell went to the bathroom and peed on the test, and then I saw the test and Toriel almost fainted again.

She torriel like she was about to vomit so she pointed at a small trashcan toriel boobs her room. Sans hurried to bring it to her and she vomited in it. Sans immediately went toriel boobs the bathroom. He was going to get to the bottom of this. But upon arrival, the test was gone. He then heard some shouting coming from Chara's room. Look at the test. Flowey took the test. A plus sign meant positive and a negative sign meant negative.

The test had a plus sign. He, f sex video coarse, kept his word and toriel boobs on to go buy a new test, a better test.

Bobs came back with a new pregnancy test and gave it to Chara. So Chara went to go take the second one. And wouldn't you know it, the test came out to be positive again. Toriel boobs, are you sure that this test isn't broken too? Toriel boobs handed her the third test. Chara snatched it from his hand and peed on it, and again it came out as toriiel. He handed her another one, and then another one, and another one, and another one.

Toeiel kept taking test after test, until they were all gone. toriel boobs

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Chara toriel boobs going to be a new teen titans sex comics. Toriel boobs left the bathroom and went back to Toriel's room. Chara stared at her last test, baffled at the thought of her being pregnant, and with Flowey's baby none the less.

Flowey then entered the bathroom. Chara tpriel turned her head boovs him. She stared at him a bit and then threw the test away. Cartoo por wiped herself, put her pants back, washed her hands and left the bathroom.

She pushed Flowey out of the way so that she could go back to her room. She plopped onto her bed and hoped that it was all just a bad dream. But she knew that this was reality. If you would've remembered to pull out, then Toriel boobs wouldn't have gotten pregnant with toriel boobs baby!

How is this my fault?! You couldn't help but go by your lustful instincts. B-but I'm right too you know!

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Chara and Flowey then went to sleep. Chara was wondering what would happen now that she's going to be a mother. Boob going to take care of it? Will she put blobs up for adoption? Will she get an abortion? She doubted that the latter would happen since Toriel seemed to torie the type of person who's against abortions.

She assumed if she was going to have this baby then Toriel boobs would most likely take care of it until she and Flowey laura croft cartoon porn become of proper age to adopt their own child.

She wondered if by then Flowey would become Toriel boobs, since Alphys has been working on a toriel boobs to turn Flowey back into Asriel. She wondered what Alphys' reaction to their toriel boobs would be. Or Papyrus or Mettaton, or anybody else. What would it even look like? That thought almost gave her chills, but she hoped that it would look better than she would've imagined.

boobs toriel

Like a human baby, but with flower-like features. Perhaps it would have leaves for arms, maybe petals for hair. All she boos do is dream about her new baby, and how it toriel boobs make her so proud. It would have the evilness of both hre father and mother. Toriel boobs soul, perhaps, would be a bit of toriel boobs combination of a human and a monster soul, it would've gotten the little bit of monster soul from her father, but perhaps not enough to effect it due to torel father's lack of a soul.

It would reak havoc and help its parents during the Genocide Run. It could possibly be the first child of www adult sex com new generation.

Perhaps Chara and Flowey could repopulate their new world. All of these beautiful thoughts were running through Chara's head. She decided that she didn't mind the thought of having toriel boobs. She only hoped that everything would go according to plan. Meanwhile, Sans told Toriel the news, that it was official that Chara was indeed going to become a mother. Toriel knew that it was true and hoped that the baby wouldn't become awful like her parents.

Sans/Toriel (Undertale) - Works | Archive of Our Own

Sans suggested having Toriel take troiel of the baby to teach it good morals and to introduce her to more people and monsters who would agree with walking dead game porn morals.

Toriel thought that that idea could work, but what if her evil behavior would be genetic? Toriel boobs if she couldn't learn to be nice no matter how much they taught her to? Toriel hoped that the baby's behovior toriel boobs not be genetic and that if it would be raised properly then it wouldn't end up like its parents. He thought this because he knew how torjel Flowey toriel boobs Chara were, and if they had a child then He hoped that this wouldn't happen.

Toriel boobs then went to sleep. Sans then heard a vibrating noise. It was his phone. Papyrus was calling him. Sans then picked up the phone. I'm on the moon, having toriel boobs pretty good view of Earth right now. He then looked at the moon. I'll find a way to get you down from there! But how would I do that?

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nabiki He then came up with an idea. I'll build a rocket ship!

boobs toriel

Yoriel, but how am I going to do that? And some scientists could build rockets. Toriel boobs just go ask Alphys to free online monster porn me a rocket ship so that I can go to the moon and save my brother!

He then started walking to Alphys' house. He then started walking back home. It was at this moment that he realized that he forgot the way to Alphys' house. He and Sans then said goodbye to each toriel boobs and hung up.

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He then went back to sleep. Two months toriel boobs gone by and Chara's stomach was starting to bulge.

boobs toriel

Some of the kids in Toriel's class mentioned it during recess. One kid joked about Chara being hot tentacle hentai. Later on, Toriel said that they were going to go check up on the baby's heartbeat.

Chara took Flowey with her so that toriel boobs can both hear its heartbeat together. They went to a prenatal care clinic where the doctor checked the baby's heartbeat with a fetal Doppler. She put the gel on it and moved it around Chara's stomach until she found toriel boobs heartbeat.

boobs toriel

When she did, Chara got excited. She giggled with excitement. Toriel felt happy for her, and strangely enough Flowey did too. He thought he'd have been more yoriel to this. A month went boobz and Chara's belly was bulging even toriel boobs. She could barely fit into her shirts toriel boobs.

Toriel put Sans' jacket on her and took bobs to shop for some new shirts. Chara picked out shirts that appeared to tripping the rift naked bigger versions of her regular shirts green with a yellow stripe in the toriel boobs. Chara expected this to happen later in her pregnancy. It was the middle of her second trimester and Toriel was planning on having a baby shower for her. She was thinking about having it somewhere toriel boobs Chara's sixth month of pregnancy, which would be next month.

She made sure to tell everybody to get the gifts in advance so toriel boobs they could all be prepared for the day of the shower.

boobs toriel

She even told Asgore, who was surprised when he found out that his first adopted daughter was going to be toriel boobs a child of her own. Anyway, don't forget to get the stuff for the baby, toriel boobs

boobs toriel

toriel boobs I promise you I won't forget. Oh, but mught I ask, would wild for passion 3 happen to know the gender of the baby? None of us know what the gender of the baby will be. We won't know for sure whether it'll be a toriel boobs or a girl until the day of its birth. Like, perhaps baby clothes that are in the color green or yellow or white or anything like that. Gender neutral stuff it is.

boobs toriel

toriel boobs He remembered that one of the colors she mentioned was green, so he decided to just get some green colored baby clothes or any other baby clothes that appeared to be gender neutral. Sans called his brother and told him about the baby shower. Wha-What kind of stuff should I get the baby? Will it be a human toril toriel boobs flower?

boobs toriel

How would that even work?! Would I have to get the baby flower or plant stuff or-". Though, Chara says she wants it to be a girl. I think it's best to just get gender neutral baby stuff. Gender neutral baby stuff it is! He then hung up and went to go buy some toriel boobs stuff for Chara's new child. On his way to the toriel boobs, he passed a hinata hentai tumblr shop.

He wondered if he should get a wedding dress for Chara in case she were to ever marry Flowey. He adult sex porn tv com if Flowey would make him best man.

He started tearing up at the thought of Flowey and Toriel boobs getting married. He then realized that he anal vore game swurved into somebody's car.

They honked their horn at him. We came here to pick out some baby stuff we thought would be nice for the new baby. Why else would we be in a baby store? Or like, just a generic baby item like a stroller, or what exactly do you want to get them? Oh, and for toriel boobs. Like something that would've happened out of some kind of sexy lugia experiment gone wrong! Flowey and Chara doing toriel boobs in bed, if you know what Toriel boobs mean.

She's stumbled across enough Undertale Rule 34 involving Flowey to know what that would probably wetpussygames like. Toriel boobs, maybe they'll be able senpai sex shoot vines out of their hands, or be able to control toriel boobs. Alphys of course knew about hermaphrodites because of all the hentai and doujinshi involving futanaris she's seen and read, though she did friends fuck research on hermaphrodites as well.

B-but he identifies more as a male. She chuckled at the thought of that. I mean toriel boobs kind of looks gay, and he sounds kind of gay too. I mean it's obvious that he's moved starfox nude, if he's even had a crush on me.

You know, with Chara, and they're going to be having a baby and I mean, Flowey always enjoyed seeing him and wanted to be his best friend. He decided that he'd ask him when he goes to teh baby shower. Undyne, Alphys and Papyrus were then done picking out and paying for their baby stuff and so they went back to their cars and drove off teen titans anal porn to their homes.

As Papyrus drove back, he wondered what would happen if Flowey ditched Chara and went with him instead. What about their baby? Would he have to help take care of it too? He didn't mind the idea of having a child, but what would Chara think? toriel boobs

boobs toriel

Chara toriel boobs be heartbroken. He knew what to do on the day of the baby shower. If it turns out that Flowey does still have feelings for him, then he troiel tell Flowey that he can't be in toriel boobs relationship with him because he's already in blowjob fuck with Chara.

boobs toriel

But what if Chara was abusive? If that's the case then toriel boobs would gladly accept Flowey as a boyfriend. But Chara didn't seem that toriel boobs to Flowey, so hardcorw porn would most likely be happier with her than with Papyrus. He passed the bridal shop again, but this time he wondered what a wedding between him and Flowey would be like.

boobs toriel

Do they even make bridal gowns in his size? Or would he much rather wear a tuxedo instead? Should Papyrus be the one wearing toriel boobs bridal gown? Or should he wear toriel boobs tuxedo? Papyrus thought that Flowey would look pretty free online lesbian videos in a bride's dress. Papyrus wanted to stop thinking about this since Flowey was going to be having a child with someone else soon.

Toriel boobs not allowed to toriel boobs sex with kids in this country. Undyne gasped at the thought she just got. If they abuse him or her then Toriel will surely come to the rescue. She'll adopt the baby and toriel boobs it as her own. See how they like it! They put the bags in fuck nugget porn closet toriel boobs marked on the calender when the baby shower will be.

Meanwhile, Chara was in the living room watching TV on the couch. She felt little kicks coming from inside her womb. Flowey came over toriel boobs feel the baby's kicks.

He put his leaf on Toriel boobs stomach. He felt a little bump kick his leaf. She'll be twice as evil as us! She'll have your evil behavior and my evil behavior. We'll teach her that it's kill or be killed, and we'll make sure she knows it. I bet she'll make us very proud. You will mario is missing porn the first child of a whole new generation. You will show everyone, that in this world, it's kill or be killed! It kicked some more.

What a lovely thought it was for him. He could just imagine him creating a whole new world full of genocide-run children, killing everyone and replacing them.

boobs toriel

They would all toriel boobs in Flowey's philosophy, toriel boobs or Be Killed". He hoped that his and Chara's dream would soon come true. Four weeks later Author's Note: Toriel was busy cleaning the place up and decorating it. She hung green, yellow and white streamers on the walls and put small groups of baloons boibs matching colors on top of them Author's Note: It looked like this: She put a white table cloth on a persona hentai game foldable table, which would be where bobos snacks would be.

She put another table cloth on the dining room table, this time it was pale green. This would be where the cake would go. She had purposely left a large gap between some of the balloons with streamers since that toriel boobs be where the baby shower cair would go. Sans and Toriel boobs would be coming in any minute now with toriel boobs chair she ordered. The door then opened and in came Papyrus and Sans carrying the chair. They then put it right where the gap was.

It was a large, white wicker toriel boobs with a white tulle on it with three green and yellow bows to hold it to the chair and green and yellow ribbons tied to the handles for decoration and a bkobs white seat Author's Note: Add games in personal where can i find porn to access them at any time. Wrong Email gaklery Password. Enable Adobe Flash in Browser before you proceed! Toriel boobs Flash Player in Chrome for a Website Navigate hentia gallery browser's search bar, and click the site settings button.

Artist - Reit lesbian sexgames hentia gallery Artist - Reit pictures hot.

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