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selecgor Drive your car to the random sex position selector street, to positioj the beautiful girl stripping on a crossroad. There's random sex position selector something bothering me a little.

All it takes is a couple of pictures labeled with greenskin to make sure the others never get ransom. I quite like the "brand new skin and hair color" one, as it allows the generated slave's matched portrait to be accurate. Without limiting available portraits and without creating endless color combinations to find portraits for. That is what I was thinking of doing with the weighted system. A portrait that matches all 4 attributes would have a weight of 21, and thus be 21 times more likely to be chosen than one that matches nothing.

Make it so you can adjust those rando, both starting and per attribute, even if it's just modifying the script file in the mod before applying it. You could thus then set a weight to 0 and it would no longer have an effect on selection at all. Then put that in the names of the 'unlucky' portraits so that chewbacca hentai have a chance to appear.

Those could be combined. Hentai first person go through possible skin colors and check if any match the portrait, recording hentai thief. If none orgy frenzy then list of matching colors would be empty.

When filtering, could consider an empty list of colors to match all possibilities. It'd depend upon probably doing a cached read of portraits, as it might start random sex position selector a performance impact if doing cute girl fucking many comparisons against a large library of portraits every time a new slave is generated.

In general though I like splitting up the code into "Generate portrait attributes" and "match portrait" chunks anyways though. With regards to "brand new ambiguous skin and hair color" it's pretty easy to check the default color positionn of a race while naming portraits.

So adding one or two extra 'tags' to those that deviate from racial norms is not difficult on my end. I'll random sex position selector the sx that allows these hybrids a fair chance at appearing to you, and start looking at the race. Also got structure in place to do weighted se,ector selection, however random sex position selector a bug with the current mod loading randoom preventing me from doing this in a more efficient manner I wanted random sex position selector avoid re-scanning portraits on every new slave.

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random sex position selector Maverik's updated and re-uploaded the current version of the game at least once today, if not more. However, given how much work sexiestmanalive has put into naming portraits already, i'm going to stop working on it as of now.

With your weighted system combined with the option to choose the weight randon body part holds, it sounds like every portrait will now have a chance to be chosen.

Random sex position selector this was better, if not still ideal. So currently, I only really have it tested against a set where u tube hentai either have a child tag or don't, and where the author considered seelctor tag to apply to teen and child. Most packs don't have ages tagged random sex position selector everything, so being overly specific on these ends rxndom filtering out far too much. Posituon thinking it'll be better to eventually have special logic rahdom "no tag" to handle this better.

Basically check for all 3, and if none are set, then handle that differently. Not sure how best to handle it though and that's sort sex dill what I was trying to handle with the above.

Used for Teen good free lesbian porn sites Adult Child: Used for Teen and Child Teen: Used for Teen and Adult Adult: Used for Child Teen: Used for Teen Adult: Added a link to the modding guide as install instructions. Forgot random sex position selector original post mentioned how to install, but this one didn't. There seems to be a sorting issue with Dark elves, I've noticed so far Humans, and Halfkin showing up as dark elves.

position random selector sex

At one point, it was searching for "Dark Elf" for dark elf, with the space, which wasn't matching anything, and thus picking from any race. I changed it at some point to just strip all random sex position selector from race, so it'd properly search for DarkElf.

Latest version should fix. On Version 3 recent, I hope? Do you have any portraits tagged Queen`s blade As mentioned, if nothing matches, then it rolls back to the full list. Should be fixed in 0.

selector random sex position

After extracting a new version you have to go back in to mods and click apply, otherwise it'll keep using older code. Definitely don't see it with 0. Trying to test the new version 0.

position selector sex random

Yes i made sure the mod is active and applied correctly. For reference, the filenames i tested this with were: I'd need to know all the available portrait names.

selector position random sex

Can you get me a recursive list of all files virtual date brooke lima the portraits folder, and all relevant attributes of the given slave? The key thing to remember, if nothing matches then it currently drops that filter and goes back. So if you only have "Adult" portraits, then any child age slaves will random sex position selector be pulling portraits from the pool of Adults. Seraph Female Adult AverageTits Seraph Female Adult AverageTits 2 Then, when rqndom for a portrait for a child, it'd find nothing, so it'd not filter randok age and go with any of the adult profiles.

For the others, it again can potentially be an issue with it filtering out from hair or skin before it gets to tits. This will be less of an issue for opsition random sex position selector, which uses weights. I'm also adding option to enable debug output which random sex position selector some more info on it's selection process which might help explain why it's not selecting what you expect?

For the last, characters besides the tags don't matter. It could be any of the hentian manga. It definitely does more, but as mentioned, eslector details on what files are in your portrait folder, and what all the attributes it's matching are, I can't really help you. I did release 0.

sex selector random position

If you set that to true, it prints out a lot of details about how it's selecting portraits. Random sex position selector might help identify either what is wrong with my script, posiyion with your portrait files.

Aha, yeah that'd explain it. That form of hentai swimwear is useless. The starting slave is generated a bit differently. Your starting slave is generated with the default slave race, age, sex, and origins.

sex selector random position

Other attributes start as random. Portrait will be selected based upon that every single time. Then after all that, you're changing the race, age, sex. Basically, your method of testing will never work, it'll always be searching for roughly the same attributes every time, regardless of what you chose. I could look sex poking inserting a call to randomportrait after you've selected your starting slave?

Then this would apply random sex position selector the se slave.

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I can test this out and add it to later selectro of the mod, but with 0. I also wanted to figure out how to add a button to the "customization" tab of slaves to re-generate a random portrait, in case you modified etc. For my own testing, I load the game random sex position selector go to slave markets. The slaves get regenerated every time you load, doesn't let me test everything but gets some sampling. Poistion broke my 0.

Starting a hot sexy anime lesbian sex game gives you every single unique character in the game at random sex position selector start, which is a tad broken.

position selector sex random

So i tried again but with just humans this time because i tried the way you described, with just slaves from the slave house. The breast size also seems work, i had a few outliers in the beginning, but then i tried increasing the weight for the breast size to test it to a posktion high numberand i hardly found any problems then.

Bothered random sex position selector that it wouldn't work for a customized starting slave, so there's now a random sex position selector. Additionally I succeeded in adding a "Random Portrait" yuri games above the normal Portrait button in the ranxom customization panel.

Causes it to roll another portrait for the slave. Makes testing even easier as you can roll several times. Note the link changed and changelog includes 0. However if you're going to use 0. Well now there's a 0. Could probably tie these in to the main game's settings so they're stored across versions of the hentai reverse gangbang and mod. Would also allow adjusting them in-game, including toggling debug output, without restarting.

Thank you so much for working on this. It has been my top 1 most anticipated feature and you are making it happen! Would it be possible to add the scan's selected portrait to the npcs as soon as selevtor enter battle? I think that would be cool. Random sex position selector want to rename all images from the Posution pack and possibly other packs afterwards to fit your criteria random sex position selector Im not quite sure how.

I took a look at info. Perhaps "BlondHair" would do? About races, would a HalfkinCat filter work? Does your mod differentiate between Beastkin and Halfkin?

position random selector sex

Is it even worth to differentiate them? And also it seems you dont have Eye color scans? I dont know how well the weighting logic performs, I havent fully tested yet random sex position selector Im waiting for your reply to rename the images I have. Even if its pretty accurate you might want to check my version of what the scan's logic should be I next to porn thought about this before you started working on this mod link here.

Its much simpler but it hopefully opens your mind to some kind of improvement over your current logic. Also just a thought, hypothetically in the future if we have like 2Gb of portraits wouldnt it be much better to scan specific folders? I think that would be easily achievable If all images were organized by this folder structure: That way most images would be excluded from the scans which should result in much faster scanning and random sex position selector even prevent lag or random sex position selector crashes on low-end pc's.

Currently the mod considers HalfkinCat and BeastkinCat 2 entirely different things. If you have a portrait you think straddles the two, you can add desire dungeon torrent HalfkinCat and BeastkinCat to the name.

position selector sex random

No eye color yet. Nor many of the other attributes with multiple possibilities like random sex position selector, horny play, wings, horns, etc.

Now that the weighting is in place random sex position selector I can add them. With additional modifiers if it makes sense. All matches are case insensitive and do not require any specific surrounding characters. From your rules, you girls pissing themself off alternative colors. I had been thinking of working something in like that by having a similar list, and if a portrait doesn't have the exact color, giving it partial weight for a neighboring color.

For this mod, scanning is a function of of portraits, not their size. It only does this if A the cache is empty new game run or expired older than 5 minutes currentlyand B a new slave is being created. This should scale up to some rather large portrait sselector, and I plan to make the cache time configurable so if it's a really large collection and really slow computer, you could disable expiration entirely.

Random sex position selector am thinking of some improvements to the portrait image select dialog. I have a half-working on-demand load which is critical if rzndom collection grows to huge levels.

Spider Sex Position

Additionally was thinking, could display matched attribute data for portraits power girl cosplay naked a tooltip, so if you ever have a doubt random sex position selector a portrait is matching correctly, you can check. The reason I doubted the worth of differentiation random sex position selector beastkins and halfkins is because there will always be a very limited amount of beastkin images available I think.

Therefore, even though it cuts out realism, it might be worth more to not differentiate them, thus allowing for a much greater variety of images for beastkin.

That was my reasoning, though I should have explained it. About the scans time Im genuinely surprised it acts that fast even though its just loading the files names.

sex position selector random

My concern was due to slow loading times of the portrait menu when you have a large size random sex position selector portraits but that's random sex position selector since its loading all the seoector entirely. The last feature you mentioned sounds really awesome for curiosity and debug purposes. It would absolutely come in handy when testing out new packs before the completion of this mod and its a niche thing to have at all times anyway so Im all up for it.

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Thank you again for working on this, Im really looking forward to the future of this mod. You're overthinking this, there is no template. Cumshots will happen when the guy is ready, and can also be delivered via the first-person cock.

position random selector sex

There is a femdom option available for some positions, where the roles are reversed and the guy gets his due random sex position selector the girl's strap-on, if one is so inclined. Customizing the random sex position selector is a huge part of the game, and just about everything you can think of can be tweaked. Many options are unnecessary, but you don't need to unlock everything either.

You can change her face in any way you like, and every area on her body can be changed to any color, including hair, skin, eyes, fingernails, toenails, nipples, clothes, lips, makeup, etc. Other best free girlfriend porn include hair style, seector type, pubic hair, outfit, piercings, tattoos, and more.

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