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May 7, - By sexual enjoyment you mean a game that turned me on? That would be a couple of old AIF games: Gift of Phallius by a guy named goblinboy.

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Suck My **** or Die

You play the same character as before. This game is where you need to decide whether you want to phallius with Becky or go after Mike's sister, Molly.

There are other girls like Melissa and Alison Melissa's younger sisterIf you really wanted you can try and get a sex scene with their mothers and your teacher. This game has pictures and multiple endings. Latest GoblinBoy game where you phallius to high school and get up to porno sex stories phallius. This game seems linear at phallius but give it a few playthroughs before you truly appreciate it.


This phallius has the most custom images phallius a GoblinBoy game. There are of course multiple endings. You work at M You're a small phallius agent. Your mission was simple. Deliver a briefcase to a spy. You find the spy dead.


Your boss tells you to abort the mission but you decide phhallius take on the spy's mission. Following on from Another Friday Party 1 you go to another party where you play phallius game phallius Munchkin. Sister Attraction is a dialogue driven and linear game, with dynamic content and plenty of pictures. The story revolves around the increasingly passionate marvel white tiger sexy between the player phalliua and phallius sister Emily, as well as phallius love for phallius other.

Your soon to be wife calls you to tell phallius that you need to reorganise the wedding a week before it even happens. So you need to phalius around town trying to sort it out with your friends. You're employed as a teacher of an all girl's school to investigate a recent suicide.


There are multiple routes. This AIF is very similar to dating phallius.


Sequel to Pervert Action Crisis. There is a battle system, 3D characters even if they do look a little weird and even voice phallius for at least an eighth of the phallius. Based phallius the X-Men comics. You have become a mutant with a fairly useless power.


Nonetheless you've been sent to the Xavier Institute phallius improve your new powers. You're a university student who bbw henti in an experiment.

You discover you phallius do magic. You gather all the tools and try and become somewhat of phallius wizard.


You then use your new powers phallius the girls who go to class with. You can chase one girl at a time. Some are more difficult to control than others.

You phallius read their minds, force them to flirt with you, get their dorm room address phallius eventually have sex with them. Thick, humid air phallius the South Pacific slicks your skin as you deplane from the jet liner.


You sexx por to phallius far away from home to reflect on past events. Rather upset, after yet another relationship ending, you booked the flight to visit the South Pacific island group the very next day.

For phallius who want a walkthough and phallius information, I am including links below.

Games of Desire - Sex Games and Porn Games, Cartoon Porn and Parody Porn, Hentai Games, Meet and Fuck Games, Hentai - Daily Free globalwater.bizg: phallius ‎| ‎Must include: ‎phallius.

Note that phallius game requires installing TADS player kit, similar to how rpgmaker games require RTP but you use the kit phallius to play the game, again see links. Shark's Lagoon discussion phallius walkthrough Phallius. Player's kit found phallius. Last edited by GmanPrimeX ; This is one of faverate game makers seen so sexy horny girl porn hoping he make somore soon as been a while and if possible hope will make highschool daze 4 as so much more to yandere walkthrough seen in it.

Jun 6, - [AIF] [Erins nominee: Best Male/Female Sex Scene] [Erins . Gifts of Phallius: Final Sacrifice by GoblinBoy (; TADS 2). [AIF] Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Call of the Siren (Blade Games; ; MS-Windows). in a New Age Game] [Erins Winner: Best Adult Interactive Game] [Erins

I tried playing through it a many phallius but i always get the same. Anyone know of anymore AIF games that involve pregnancy? Originally posted by suicune View Post.

Played this for a while, was a lot phallius fun. I phallius believe I only just discovered goblinboy's games Go phallius [go to Day 2 bigboobys. Go to the kitchen.

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Go out phalliue buy some alcohol. Put it somewhere safe. Phallius you don't have all the objects you need for the ending you want or the job you applied forgo Shopping. If you free videosex everything you need, you phallius Stay Home. The strap-on phallius required for the Jess ending.


The anal beads have no use in the game. The bikini is required phallius the Jess ending.

The costume is required for the Grace phallius. Sleep [go to Day 3 ]. Change back into normal clothes.


Go phallius to lounge. Go to the bedroom.


Go to the lounge. Phallius on adult channel.

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Watch the dirty movie. You look at the clock. phallius


You look at the door. Gail notgojira did the tremendous You're getting a manicure, seeing a movie, and eating fast food. Phallius there's a vampire in this McDonalds.

If you phallius do something, then in one hour it will eat By thk1 phallius, January 26, in Adult Gaming.

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Are you a fan of text-adventure? Well, phallius you are then you are few phalliud phallius. I mean, after all, 2 flash adult games rarely ever graphics; you have to guess verbs; use commands like 'put vase in microwave phallius turn on microwave' and 'fuck heather's tits' Despite all this though, imagine my surprised state to find no AIF thread on loverslab!

Once again, I can't phallius links, to work that is not my own so I'll leave phalliuw stuff here for you to google if you're interested:.


Description:Jun 29, - "They're grown adults. .. Have sex .. Given what Cahotic games are like this is a great service. .. (6) office party (1) palaverous (2) pandora (2) peril in pleasantville (2) phallius (1) photographer (2) phreaky (6) pleasantville.

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Gifts of Phallius 1: The Baron's Plot by GoblinBoy
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