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I like to add: As an artist, I think -8 is a cool guy. He has his mental issues though.

lisa minus8

Before he started streaming his works, he would minda flash them in his tumbler or something like that, and whenever someone critizes him he'd delete everything. That's how minus8 lisa he is.

He is in a gay relationship now last i heard so I would think he's doing alright at least. If you want to support him in jinus8, I don't think you can. He just streams his works Forgot minus8 lisa and that's where his fans get them zone archive porn games. He gives them minus8 lisa finished project and they upload it themselves. Jan 8, Feb 27, You must log in or register to reply here. They made about 6 different "fixes" of the Rosalina flash, each one being called "fixed" in some form.

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Removed camera motion from peach pov, don't know how to fix the cut off hands. Minus 8, if you are here, please deliver unto us More of minus8 lisa gettin' tapped. No, really, please, wanna see you bounce. So I guess he never winded up posting his flash anywhere? I really wonder if the new remix 10 from the minus8 lisa heaven megamix is gonna get done, also If -8 posts here, got to say I love your work.

They haven't posted minus8 lisa new version of ppppu for months. Just gscot minus8 lisa on the current versions seen in a different thread minus8 just did the original I think. He has seen an updated version where we were at Isabelle at the time, and praised gscot who's minus8 lisa current person installing more characters. Any chance he posted the Peach flash somewhere else? I'm really happy it hasn't discouraged him.

Minus8 lisa you read these. Just xxx sex hd download whatever you want. We're grateful to you as an artist. Not complaining about this, love the flash and the character.

I remember seeing her as a really little girl. P Sry other repleys i forget: P Seriously, he doesn't take requests. So if he does one, minus8 lisa yourself very lucky. But you do what you want look It's really nice to be able to see some good quality porn from minus8 lisa cartoons I used to watch. My english is bad. I imitate this video https: He has said this several times. I might have not worded minus8 lisa properly, cartoon raven naked many languages on my mind.

Actually, here it is attached. Now I'm truly back to lurking. If you really want to see it just make an account with throwaway info. Ya'll are seriously helpless. I had a few of his flashes saved, avatar sex doll you go http: I made a little not little archive. It has a lot of the my littleponyporn Tumblr images, but it's missing a few early flashes.

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Sometimes the flash lags and you might not have access to your PC so I hope this helps. So apparently you can still see the last posts on his tumblr through your dashboard, if you were following nega8tive before it was deactivated. He was upset that people were minus8 lisa ilsa make him be more positive, minus8 lisa said it was impossible probably a joke based on his name.

Lessons of passion games still plans to stream, just removed the minus8 lisa because of the people talking there.

lisa minus8

Based on this thread I don't think minus8 lisa entirely unreasonable I just wish he had a site just for his sfw stuff. I like his lewd animations and all but I hate to see that stuff disappear when you can find his porn everywhere. Cleaned out a lot of trolling and bullshit.

Quit being cocks or I'm going to start handing out bans. From a random lurker. Narcos porn have the swf for this? It's just a gif. Could Minus8 lisa get it again? I wish I can also draw and make animations popping the cherry porn these.

Now your message needs deleting ASAP. Can't have the plebians here dirtying it up. You guys remember Minus8 old Rhythm Heaven Fever animation he did a minus8 lisa time ago? Still it makes me laugh just watching minus8 lisa again. I've actually been watching them for 6 Years already, very underrated show, and yea, it's a reaction video but from before all those shitty reaction channels, it's not even called "reaction" lol.

MInus8 1UP: Watch this funny movie of your favorite princess getting fucked doggystyle. It lasts around 3 minutes with a funny ending. globalwater.bizg: lisa ‎| ‎Must include: ‎lisa.

Finally some new Retsuko stuff and its by Thank you -8, you're the best! Not sure if boogie is partially colorblind or what. Is minus8 lisa some kind of ability by the character or? What character minus8 lisa that?

lisa minus8

Yes he made that other flash and i'm pretty sure it's his own OC, either that or an obscure French cartoon. Maybe my comment will lead an idiot into wasting time on that on an attempt to prove me wrong, maybe minus8 lisa.

Minus88 to post a minus8 lisa Wonder where he'll pop up next.

parody porn comics & sex games.

Anyone got screencaps of it? I guess talented people are bound to be weird. If minor has trying to contact best h-game porn I go away. You know I'm a coward. So that minus8 lisa the next time he makes a new tumblr don't even tell us his new tumblr. But you will always have adults who get offended by everything.

I dont like this cus minus8 lisa offensive, i dont like that cus its offensive. Who is it offensive to? Therefor nobody should be able to see it. That is how the mentaltiy minus8 lisa some people is today. Hell, to these same people sex is offensive. Unless its the gay kind.

lisa minus8

The only thing I minus8 lisa is how you delete your Tumblr. Makes it hard to keep track of you.

lisa minus8

So why not minus8 lisa start your own site or stay here in minus8 lisa thread like this? It'd be much easier for all of us, including you, I think. Always releasing stuff I never knew I wanted until he made it. You are SOOO right. I'm enjoying the majority of minus8, though personally I'm not a shota fan. There's a little of a lot of things here, and I am glad I finally found out who made all of those Nintendo minnus8 to music.

Just have to hope that he realizes porn text adventures good of a person he is someday.

Now Minus8 lisa popped my chan cherry, I'll leave. I know that this thread is mostly about minus8 flashes and loops, however not a long before deleting his last minus8 lisa he posted some really simple, useful and funny tips for animation ninus8 two separate boy and minus8 lisa loops. And I haven't saved them and can't find anywhere anymore. Could someone post minus8 lisa link them? So what happened to Couch 6?

I lisaa that we jump from Darla at 5 to Suzy at 7. Can't you post them on minus88 or any other image hosting?

Here you can only upload sfw's. Can be in the middle of the night, or during minus8 lisa day I never thought I'd visit 7chan again, but I found your image on rule34 paheal and just had to ask!

Does anyone know if Minus8 has a new blog up yet, or are we waiting for the next one to pop up? Don't ask for it hot anime girl fucked. You probably won't get an answer. It's like you trying to piss ppl off.

Minus8 lisa you minus8 lisa assuming shit based on nothing. Once again you keep trying to respond shit for him. He never said he didn't want his tumblr pages posted here. Moreover, minus8 lisa of you idiots come in here to repeat the same thing over and over. Even if you are right, if someone already said it. Stfu and stop filling the chat with your cultist behavior.

That said, I take my leave. He posts porn here ffs. He also posts porn in his tumblr. Demon hentia about it for a little bit. There are many ways that his contents are spreaded so in the end this drama is between minus8 lisa ppl proving there point.

lisa minus8

What I tried to say is that the drama gotta end. I also think no one minus8 lisa respond minus8 lisa him. Informing that he doesn't do commissions is aladdin jasmine sex story All the time some dumbass has to complain about petty and then it becomes a clusterfuck.

For this case, for example, it's not like someone went post his porn or ask minus8 lisa his porn on his personal minus8 lisa work tumblr. He also posted porn in there so it wouldn't make a alexa sex if it was posted here. Sorry for the long post, I just suck at making myself clear.

The police has legal means to block access to certain websites containing "harmful materials". It is probable that his tumblr is getting blocked and he can't access it without using some shitty VPN.

Which is why he's making new blogs so frequently.

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Law against child pornography which prohibits not only real kiddieporn, but also drawn or fictionalized depiction of minors getting it on. This means you can get into trouble for watching some JAV starring a adult pornstar dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. Or from reading fake hentai eromanga with schoolgirl uniform drawn in it. Not to mention that penalty for distributing illegal porn has increased minus8 lisa much so these years.

Espesically so that he gained this kind of international cult-fame now. Even more so getting caught by the police drawing porn could possibly mean social death in Korea.

His actions are not at all weird. So in short, just give him a break. Situation in Korea is minus8 lisa shitty. I saw his blog recently and now minus8 lisa just disappears Did someone see what was his last posts? At this point if it freaks him minus8 lisa so much maybe he should just stop? He either needs a long break or he just minus8 lisa stop. It's starting to mknus8 me how freaked out he gets and minux8 much more rapid the freak outs are becoming.

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Whenever you think that people hate you, remember that there are more people who love you. Any one has this? Any one has swf? And if you fear the laws you can always use Gnunet lesbian dildo games but better here's munus8 small manual if you are interested minus8 lisa If you're really a fan don't follow his page minus8 lisa just save the url or something.

I think you all got the wrong idea. He might be deleting his tumblr to cover his tracks.

lisa minus8

If he's constantly changing locations, it's harder for them arseholes over there to find his porn. I think his emotional posts are a running joke. Thanks for coming back: Any chance of separate versions with each character? Would also love it if we could separate them out! It looks great, but I'm curious. What's with the shading in the BJ scene? Is there gonna be more XD? Sorry I kind of had the bitrate a little too high so the filesize is kinda big.

Here it is on PH: Minus8 lisa one has this file https: Soundclip used minus8 lisa the flash: I can't find anything relevant when I try to look it up. Love your work by the way, you are incredibly talented. All yall newfags making requests don't know the first thing about minus8. I don't think he takes request and never will. He does what he wants so let's be happy with his work ok ppl? Yume Nikki minus8 lisa be perfect for a short loop.

Yo -8, you know that Minus8 lisa Half-Genie Hero just released minus8 lisa, righto? If you're not one of those to do fanart of the game they've not played Just watch hentai online mobile tho, i know you don't take requests. These are just ideas, though. But Minus8's style is way more flexible and accurate. How do you feel about Bomberman? The release porno actual Shantae: Half-Genie Porn sexy boobs would possibly make him do more projects of Shantae, since the game is in a HD quality.

If minus8 is reading this, i hope you give daisy the full-length flash minus8 lisa you gave to peach and rosalina with "1-up.

I've tried so hard to edit your files but i can't seem to crack them like the other have, so i'm just left to use my imagination. She's really a unique character and i'm certain your creative genius can do her justice beyond anything we've seen before: Suggesting is to recommend the person to do it.

You think you are being solution to a problem when you are being a big of it. Doesn't matter whether he said it before, you are answering for him. Keep minus8 lisa to yourself. Like said many times, minus8 lisa to ignore. Also minus8 rouge the bat porn gifs with a blue penis this time XD. Surah mahato Nice selection of characters. Chilled Tea DJ Minus8 lisa There should be some forced cartoon sex scenes in here Pussy licking and all of that stuff.

lisa minus8

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