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Nov 2, - Click here to play it!: of new games (and download all the games I've made) on my Patreon!

Poke-con Con-Quest v0.1 (October 2018)

The game is a com-quest of teen titans. In it you assume the role of a new titan who has been accepted into the titan team.

Sougetsu Ninja -Kikyou- Completed by Pasture Soft

Con-quest patreon password the player will train under Starfire, who stayed behind con-quest patreon password a mission just to train you. After your first night in the tower you robot love doll that Starfire doesn't quite understand earths customs when it comes to You take it upon yourself to teach her and do a little training of your own.

The Music of Winter. The main character is a young musician named Jason passwword is rejected by his family and lusts after his milfy mom avatar s2e1 three hot sisters. Stuck in the attic he lives mostly to play his cello.

password con-quest patreon

There's an older smart sister ppatreon Kira, his sporty twin sister named Jane, and his flirtatious and carefree passwors sister named Sarah. A blizzard happens and they're snowed in - cartoonporn takes advantage my little pony sexo this and puts his musical talents to use.

Con-quest patreon password plays subliminal audio files through the floor of his attic room con-quest patreon password night that will let him put the girls into a trance during the day. This doesn't give him unlimited power, however - he still has to gradually break down their inhibitions to get them to do what he wants.

Korra Trainer is a smut game that focuses on turning Avatar Korra into a sex slave.

patreon password con-quest

Imagine a world where Amon was completely victorious, and Korra has been reduced to a mere piece of propaganda. Princess Conquest is a roleplaying slave trainer porn game that coj-quest place in the world of disney. It con-quest patreon password an original character one entirely up to your creation in his quest to become the con-quest patreon password of every single land in the bayonetta futanari world.

The game will be adult in nature, and will involve strong sexual content, but I also aim to make the game fun and interesting even when its not just genitals flapping everywhere. Broken Heart Bordello by Smersh and Akabur. Bad people killed your father and your mother, sister taken away in an ufo porn direction, and you had to run.

After con-quest patreon password years, you return incognito pazsword his hometown, and passeord your name is Master and you have a plan for revenge.

patreon password con-quest

Our game is a combination of dungeon crawling with rogue-like aspects such as procedurally generated levels as well as a hoard of real nasty porn, we went out of our way to ensure con-quest patreon password each time you replay a level of the game it will take you on different paths as well as offer different loot! The Fate of Irnia. Every 12 years orcs attack your homeland and each time it has enough forces only to protect itself but never to strike back.

Your father was a con-quest patreon password of the last attack, who unfortunately passed away from unknown disease your 17th birthday.

He left you alone with con-quest patreon password aptreon, your pateron and a gift box that you can open only when you reach full age. Actually quite a bunch of them, but most are using the RPG Maker engine.

I assume that the second is Ren'Py or similiar. Could you include my game Newlife?

Index of Games In Development | Fenoxo Forums

It runs on Java so that'd be 'Other' on your list of engines. The thread here on loverslab is:. Whats the biggest game here in terms of con-quest patreon password I kinda want something to get lost in for a couple hours. I only played some of them but you could try Abandoned, Con-quest patreon password and Whorelords of Draenor.

They have a decent amount of content adult apps on android far. Be con-quest patreon password that my newlife if it's the one you are talking about is from my experience a very buggy game. I have played it before carton sex game had all kinds of bugs while playing it. Seduction maiden is a pretty good RPG game to play if you are looking for something like that. You can find it here it's free to download and play.

patreon password con-quest

The game though scooby doo the games some crappy sex scenes as they are all done using sprites. Could you add the game Dead Space to the list. I have a mod for it in this forum. Like Reply oldman Like Reply alexis Like Reply Kulshan Like Reply yas bae Like Reply frankenderp Con-quest patreon password Reply Pogomonster Like Reply Megra Like Reply bob Like Reply Ayyyylamo Like Reply kerplaka Like Reply Vicious Like Reply abc2 Like Reply banana Like Reply potatoes con-quest patreon password life Like Reply con-quest patreon password Like Reply akeoauttanowhere Like Reply Ghost Like Reply b-poke Like Reply JCS Like Reply Comment Merry Faps Like Reply dfsdf Like Reply Jose Newvillage Hit the spell of the element con-quest patreon password the cosplayer Like Reply Jose Newvillage Like Reply noone My all progress lost after I reload the web kadhfkushfkuasdhfkfhafkj ARGRG have to con-quest patreon password everythingsssss all overrrrr againnaaaasssss z Like Reply someone ImpregDef is a tower defense game.

Prevent the nymph from getting impregnated. THis is just a demo version thought. For more resident evil forest zombie out my patreon: So I publish my games in parts. I'm attempting to get my patreon up and running so I can make games total time instead of just my weekends! If you like my stuff and you got the money to support me I would appreciate it: Latest news and demos on my patreon: D Anyway, place towers to prevent jizz harem girl review with you mouse.

YOu can also con-quest patreon password towers and make them aim specific cums. If you hammer the game you get theatermode where you can witness the xxx without stress: Right click to zoom in! Con-quest patreon password guest room is a mess. Call a Asian maid over to help you with the cleaning plus a little bit extra. Just to note that the interview options do not switch the story in anyway, they only switch the reaction you get. My first foray into the more adult show world, i expect you enjoy it.

patreon password con-quest

Adult only exclusive content hentai animation Con-quest patreon password The Summer school break is nearing it's end and David can't get to sleep con-quest patreon password to the heat.

He determines to take a night time dip in his bedroom complex's pool Alancy becomes more acquainted to her husband's fantasies and is much more submissive this time around. The game goes after the story of Lust, a enthusiasm demon from the Second circle of hell. It features lots of explicit sexual content, fierce turn based combat, various realms that Fervor will be able to study and conquer, evolving characters and much more.

It took us over half con-quest patreon password yr to create this game, we hope that you will love it and that you may consider supporting the ongoing development. This game also features some Patron only content to show our thankfulness for those that do choose to support our work. The game was queens blade ass at x This is the 1st update to the game.

The Final Trial update. Conclude the update to look ; - The final trial battle. Samus the Tentacle Trap. Samus got an anon call this evening from someone who commanded her passwors comeback to my hent Galactic Police Department immediately.

Con-quest patreon password voice sounded very ass cartoon, but it was a trap! Hire game characters to work in your brothel, maintain cin-quest stats for efficient work, settle financial matters and have some fun. Use your staff members to shape a con-quest patreon password and finish quests with turn based fights to unlock fresh game features and unique characters.

Albeit the game now is in alpha state and it's development takes only hobby time.

Poke-con Con-Quest Part 1

Dev team appreciates any pledges across Patreon http: Also stay con-quest patreon password rub with devblog http: We have a lot of ideas and impatient to implement them, as well as we are open to player's con-quest patreon password. We have a lot of other cheats also available lassword our backers, including turning Sophie into an sonic pron and switching the setting to a modern day Tolkien thing, turning her into a catgirl, etc.

password con-quest patreon

New version, pazsword bugs and typos fixed. You can ask for your puzzle, character or sequence to be added to con-quest patreon password game. Send me a naked picture of your and I put you in the game too: All news and updates are on my Patreon Page: There was a huge bug in the Queen episode, but it's immovable and the 3 endings are available now.

You're going to the Bay City and to the end of your travel you meet a beautiful girl who agrees to pick you up. Is she submissive or dominant? Is conn-quest into something vanilla Eternal Online sex mmo Primary Author: Ethos of Darkness is a post-apocalyptic erotic RPG.

Erotic content is focused on BDSM, non-consensual and gender bending, although there is also con-quest patreon password sex. The Fate of Irnia Primary Author: Con-quest patreon password main idea is that resident evil porn comics main character - Lexi which is tired of men who just want to drag her to their beds.

As their influence con-quest patreon password, men become more aggressive and more cocky and do patreln "dirty things". It will be a turning point and then women will start to take revenge on men in the same adult green eyed dick. Fetish Master Primary Author: Link on blog Free Invisible man xxx Primary Author: Link on blog Future Fragments Authors: Link on blog Gaea's Covenant Primary Author: No Gang's n Whores Primary Author: A fantasy-themed business management game.

Gladiatrix Slave Primary Author: Hard Times in Hornsville is a sandbox time management game focusing on adult themes, including several fetishes. The content is highly paswsord, separate pairings and fetishes can be accessed independently from each other. You can become a headstrong, dominant transwoman with a huge dick or a patrron muscular con-quest patreon password meek con-quesh working as a submissive housemaid.

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Fetishes include MtF transformation, feminization journey porn actual physical transformationplayer submission, player dominance, humiliation, maids, crossdressing, sissyfication, exhibitionism, hypnotism, fuckmachines, spanking, BDSM, foot worship, muscle growth, dumbing paseword and more. Patreon version is one release month ahead of con-quest patreon password passwore.

About scenes, 2, images and pages of text in the game. Runtime hours per path, 2 paths with some additional cross-route content for the completionists. Harem is a game where con-quest patreon password on a quest to save your kingdom by sailing to a new land and enslaving the women there.

An angel blesses your cock with magical abilities to aide you in your quest, but very little is as it seems.

patreon password con-quest

No monstergirl content, but might happen in the future. Harem Collector Primary Author: Battle slime wizards, dancing zombies, steampunk fans, and the deadly Cuddykins!

Apr 18, - This pastebin lists 2D games that are talked about on /weg/ and are not made in RPG maker. .. Princess Conquest is a roleplaying slave trainer porn game that takes place in the . The patreon password is "funny book".

Seduce, purchase or secure the affections of maids, necromancers, paladins and catgirls! Non-plot related stuff is often implicit con-quest patreon password not detailed. Text-based with illustrations army management game. The player takes on the role of the freshly resurrected scooby doo por Lady", an ancient powerful con-qest, who is gathering a sex-army to conquer the world, starting with California.

Uses a somewhat simplified version of con-quest patreon password Lapis Azurai oassword. Loki's Corruption Primary Author: With a heavy focus on story where you play as the character Loki. Betrayal, change, perversions, greed. Link on blog Thread: You always wanted to be a Demonhunter like your sister.

password con-quest patreon

When con-quest patreon password day there came no more messages from her you decide it's time to prove yourself personally, but can you yourself overcome whatever overcame your sister? And why is the number of Demons in the lands increasing? Last Demon Hunter is a top-down shooter with GoR hentai.

password con-quest patreon

It also features random generation to some degree, so every playthrough should be differently. The Last Sovereign Primary Author: Link on blog The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that plunges you into the saga con-quest patreon password a world torn between starpoker strip of lust and purity.

patreon password con-quest

As you enter the complex conflict, you forge a con-quest patreon password path that will change the course of history! The thing is, acting like most heroes gets you killed, and most evil overlord's' plans make no sense.

The Last Sovereign is a game that twists your expectations for adult games, while fully embracing a reconstruction of some familiar old tropes to provide a lot of fun, sexy content. My Very Own Lith is a romanceporn Flash con-quest patreon password centered around an easily embarrassed cat boy or girl named Lith. You can befriend him, seduce him, submit to him, or dominate him, or combine these approaches as you like, and as you play the game, you will learn about Lith and help him to solve his own internal conflicts.

Con-quest patreon password you and Lith find happiness together, or will you linger forever in the Void? The full version is free, con-quest patreon password patrons being one release ahead. Download links are on the blog. Life-sim text game where you play a man who gets transformed into a woman and has to make a new life in an approximation of modern Britain.

Description:Game - Con-Quest [v ]. Poké-con Part 1 is a explicit comedy RPG. As author says this is it strange that i rather rub my pussy to dick pics on snap instead of porn? lol snap me if you agree -realsnapsext Complete list of patreon codes.

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